Indonesia The Market

Indonesia the market

The number of rich people in Indonesia is Accelerating
"Singapore, which host 224,000 Millionaires, more than 50% is non-Singaporean origins (Indonesian, Indian, Malays, Chinese, and others)" - WSJ 2016
“Some $300 billion in Indonesian money (cash) is thought to be stashed in Singapore “ - Euro Money 2016
“Indonesia is currently home to about 48,500 millionaires as of the end of 2015” – Asia Pacific 2016 Wealth Report, by New World Wealth
“Millionaires in Indonesia are shown to have the highest average wealth in Asia with US$6.5million “ – Wealth Insight 2015
“….the growth of the super- rich population in Indonesia was reported at 525 percent, exceeding the rate in China and India” - Property Report 2015
“The number of Indonesian billionaires is projected to double over the next decade on the back of the country’s economic growth from 24 to 54 by 2024 ” - Knight Frank’s The Wealth Report 2015
"At the top of the wealth pyramid, the number of dollar millionaires in Indonesia is projected to rise by 54 percent over the next five years to reach 151,000 in 2020,” - Credit Suisse, 2016
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