Unique Luxury Experiences at the Touch of a Button
July 1, 2016
dREAMSCAPE Luxury Travel Network is pleased to announce its new e-commerce site,, and by-invitation-only VIP app, both tailor-made for Asian high-net-worth individuals looking for something unique, experiential and luxurious. The site will be available for customer access both in Indonesia and Singapore on August 1.
This comes as part of dREAMSCAPE’s 10th anniversary celebrations, which will be marked by our four-day dREAMS Around the World travel extravaganza in September, with special support from one of our event partners, Plaza Indonesia.
Introducing dREAM Miles
Our new online travel service offers unique experiential and thematic luxury experiences at the touch of a button, and introduces our stunning new dREAM Miles rewards programme, designed to help our loyal customers indulge their luxury travel dreams and adventures.
Designed for Asian luxury and experienced travellers who enjoy vacationing in private or co-sharing in a small group with like-minded people, but are limited in time and ideas, our pre-designed travel packages can be booked at any time, for any occasion, for any number of people, with everything pre-arranged to give the best value and experiences. Under dREAM Miles, travellers will gain travel points for each of their bookings, giving access to their private online concierge menu exclusively only for our active clients.
Travellers can trade off their dREAM Miles for anything from discounts on their upcoming travel, exclusive wines or drinks delivered to their homes, or even book a famous chef to cook for them. Gilles Marx, founder and executive chef of Amuz, the award winning French fine dining restaurant in Jakarta, said he was “very exited to have the opportunity to provide my services to dREAMSCAPE’s exclusive customers,” to entertain your guests in your style, your location, and cook for 4-6 hours, all for 9,000 dREAM Miles which includes Rp 20 million worth of cuisine.
dREAMS Around the World
Our four-day travel extravaganza, with special support from event partner Plaza Indonesia, begins with a Cocktail Dinner, September 22, 2016, Grand Ballroom Dharmawangsa Hotel, celebrating dREAMSCAPE’s 10th Anniversary, the launch of our site and our seventh thematic luxury travel experience.
  • 600 VIP guests with a high-net-worth of $10 million plus are invited to attend our by-invitation-only VIP app launch. Included are dREAMSCAPE VIP customers who spend $40,000+ a year and our handpicked exclusive  travel partners. Meet the owner of one of the world’s most exclusive boarding schools, Institut auf dem Rosenberg, as well as the owner of Nihiwatu Resorts to discuss his own villa which is available for the priviledged few. Our VIP guests can choose to attend our event either chauffeured by our chosen limited edition cars  or let us transfer you by our helicopter taxi available for the evening.
  •  Through the VIP app, regular updates on exclusive deals such as special rates on suites, penthouses, private jets, VIP experiences and packages are easily available at the user’s fingertips.
  • The app is private and only accessible by invitation. It includes live chat with our senior customer service representatives and access to the top management level in our company to assist our clients’ needs.
During the event only the highest level of travel products will be featured:
  • Stay at the private homes of the world’s Forbes richest - LVMH, Richard Branson, Royal castles, and many more.
  • ·      Exclusive VIP travel access – the Kremlin, the Vatican, top sporting events.
This will be followed by our Luxury Travel Show, September 23–25, 2016, at La Moda restaurant, Plaza Indonesia, attended by 32 global luxury travel brands, who will exhibit and offer special promotions, featuring entertainment including talk shows, fashion shows, and culinary demonstrations.  
  • Projected to attract the awareness of up to 50,000 luxury travellers in Indonesia, the first day will be exclusive for the 1,400 by-invitation-only guests, whilst Saturday and Sunday are open to the public. What makes the show unique is that travellers can book an appointment directly with dREAMSCAPE’s handpicked travel partners through the app.
  •  Confirmed exhibitors so far include: Armani Hotel Dubai; Chival Blanc Maldives, part of the LVMH group; the Nihiwatu Resort, listed among the 50th best resorts in the world located in Sumba; Silverseas; Scubaspa: Aqua Mekong; Belmond; Ice Hotel; Four Seasons Group; Mandarin Oriental Group: &beyond Africa: All Travel Russia; and Starwood Luxury Properties.
“It’s been a great 10 years for dREAMSCAPE,” said Managing Director and Chief Travel Designer Fitri Tresnawida. “But this is just the beginning of the unique, experiential, luxury travel experiences we will be offering to our high-net-worth customers for years and years to come.”

With 10 years of hands on and on the ground research as an Asia-based luxury travel operator, designed to understand the minds and habits of Asian luxury travellers, we at dREAMSCAPE use this experience to utilize and grow our business to a wider range of customers, while remaining focused on quality and authentic products that are still affordable.

We started 10 years ago as a Luxury Concierge Service assisting Private Banks and Premium Credit Card companies with their top clientele. Our services range from accessing difficult to secure tickets, to world events and meeting and greeting celebrities.I

In 2009 came our Customized Travel Design Service for VVIP clients with annual travel spending of over $40,000. For once in a lifetime extraordinary activities and destinations, we showcase the best places to eat, love and sleep.

2015 saw the launch of dREAMSCAPE Luxury Travel Magazine, especially designed by experienced luxury travellers for luxury travellers, and privately distributed to millionaires in Indonesia. We scour the world for the most innovative, fascinating and enjoyable destinations for the curious traveller in each themed edition.
2015 also saw us launch Discover Indonesia, our specialist inbound service, created specifically to cater to luxury travel agents around the world who can now expect their VIP clients to be serviced at a premium level by our team when travelling to Indonesia. Discover Indonesia’s unique position is to focus on offering authentic travel experiences that are difficult for independent travellers to arrange themselves.

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