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A Hard to Reach Target
Some 63 percent of Singapore’s wealth is generated by rich Indonesians, and more than half of Indonesia's wealthy reside and centralize their wealth in Jakarta, according to Credit Suisse data. As a result, the combination of both countries high net worth population exceeds over 500,000 people. And these high net worth individuals are exclusive in their tastes. With multiple source of incomes, they live the luxurious lifestyle, traveling from one place to another on a average of six to eight leisure trips per year.

dREAMSCAPE Luxury Travel Magazine has four clearly defined target demographics among the High Net Worth (HNW) and Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) segments:

Family and Young Travellers 

Inspiration Seeking Travellers
(Retirees >60 years old)

Celebratory Travellers
(Young couples 25-35 years old)

Event Travellers
(Small group of friends or like-minded travellers)


Man: 60%
Woman: 40%

Company Owners: 82%
Top Executive: 18%

Indonesia: 60%
Singapore: 40%

35% - 50s
34% - 40s
24% - 30s
7%    - >60s
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