The Cause


As part of our corporate social responsibility to giving back to the community, we have a commitment to earmarking some of our profits for meaningful social causes in Indonesia. 
We are focussed on three categories: the environment, cultural preservation and regeneration, as without them there will be no future for tourism.


With the rapidly spreading fototprint of globalisation, the enviroment in which we live and thrive is increasingly under threat from both man-made and natural catastrophies. Nurturing a sustainable environment and ecosystem for future generations is something that is very important to us at dREAMSCAPE, and is an essential part of everything we do. Working to protect the environment, in particular we are concerned with animal protection, rainforest preservation and the clearing of garbage. 


Just as sustainably protecting the environment around us and helping it flourish for future generations is of the utmost importance to dREAMSCAPE, we take the same approach to that other essential natural resource - people. Investing in human capital is vital for the future of the global economy and society, for without properly trained people able to reach their true potential, there will be no goods and services. So we sponsor scholarships and work closely with orphanages to give future generations the opportunities of internships with our company.


While striving for the sustainable development of our natural and human resources is undoubtedly vital for the development of a brighter future, the nurturing of our traditions and cultures is also a vital reminder of who we are and where we came from. dREAMSCAPE sees cultural preservation as an essential cause in its journey to use our business to help make the world a better place. So we work with small home businesses that produce traditional items to support tourism, giving them the opportunity to build their income and share with the world essential cultural traditions.

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