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Meet Our Travel Designers
Fitri Tresnawida - Chief Travel Designer

As an experienced travel designer, she helps clients prepare specialized itineraries for when they want to get out of town. After studied hospitality in Europe for several years, she received her master's degree in international marketing in the UK before moving back to Indonesia where she founded dREAMSCAPE in 2006. Grew up in the west and raised in eastern family, she's able to translete for both worlds. Fitri understands the minds of Asian luxury travellers, she has established herself as the go-to luxury travel designer for unique travel experiences with her strengths in sales, marketing and travel design. She enjoys travelling with her family and has become an avid scuba diver over the years. Apart from travelling, she enjoys golfing, skiing, cooking, hang out with friends, watching movies, and reading books.
William Wongso - Culinary Specialist

William is Indonesia's most famous culinary expert. He is also a renowned restaurateur, food consultant, critic, and host of his very own television series. He has spent years travelling abroad in search of new and bold flavours, never settling for the plain and ordinary. He has designed and hosted culinary tours to all the corners of the world and is often invited to speak at elite culinary events.

Yves Abitbol - French Culture Specialist

Yves is a renowned travel and adventure specialist. He knows how to find the hotel where you will be welcomed as a real guest as well as the palaces where you will be treated as a prince or princess. An extreme “gourmand”, he has registered during each of his trips the best bars, restaurants and shops. Nothing scares him, he has tested everything for you. He loves trekking, and  has already accompanied several of his clients on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, over the “Grandes Randonées” routes and across the African deserts. France, however, remains his favorite playground and he will find the travel experience that goes beyond the biggest names of Paris and France. Every time Paris wakes up, his team opens the doors of the best kept secrets in France.

Naime - Japanese Lifestyle Specialist

Born and raised in Tokyo, Naime's passion is to help people discover and enjoy all that Japan has to offer. Having spent many years travelling around the world, she fell in love with the luxury industry and has since established herself as one of Japan's most knowledgeable guides to the high-end world of  Tokyo. Her close ties to the modeling industry and her deep interest in fine dining have made her particularly suited to the task.

Peter Schindler - Driving Specialist

A former Formula 2 driver, student of MIT and Harvard, and later an associate partner at Accenture in China, Peter's story is far from ordinary. Having had a passion for driving all his life, he decided in 2003 to leave the corporate world and pursue his life purpose in earnest. Since then he has positioned himself as a charismatic driving specialist designing driving routes for the traveller who wishes to experience both spectacular scenery and that sense of complete and utter freedom that only driving can offer. His book "On the Road - Driving Adventures, Pleasures and Discoveries" received critical acclaim from BBC Radio, who called it a "love letter to being on an open road". Peter's extensive driving throughout Asia, the US and Europe has made him a star travel designer for driving-routes and he urges us all to remember the immortal phrase once uttered by Ralf Waldo Emerson: "don't go where there is a path; go instead where there is no path and leave behind a trail".

Daniella Templeton - African Safari Specialist

This native South African, born and living in Johannesburg, is a professional travel designer specializing in journeys to Africa. For over 10 years, Daniella has had the privilege of experiencing almost all the iconic destinations and hotels on the continent. One of her recent memorable safari journeys was sipping Moet & Chandon whilst relaxing on a “float-able swimming lounger” in the middle of the Okavango delta in Botswana. When she is not busy designing travel experiences to Africa, Danielle enjoys watching local bands, and likes the Grammy Award ‘Wouter Kellerman’ because his music tells an authentic story of South Africa’s history and speaks to its future. Spoken like a true South African!

Mark Heather - Luxury Car Driving Specialist

A resident of Switzerland since 2000, Mark has planned driving tours and luxury adventures around the Alps since 2010 when Ultimate Drives was founded. During a one-year sabbatical in 2009 he literally “Drove Europe,” in the process creating a database of more than 500 scenic roads from the high alpine passes of the Alps, to the rolling hills of Tuscany, and many more. His passions revolve around all things mountain-related, from driving mountain passes, ideally in exotic supercars, in the summer to snowboarding in the winter. 

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