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We Continue to Evolve
With 10 years of hands on and ground research as an Asia-based luxury travel operator designed to understand the minds and habits of Asian luxury travellers, we at dREAMSCAPE use this experience to utilize and grow our business to a wider range of customers, while remaining focussed on quality and authentic products that are still affordable. Check out below our expanded products and services.

Customized Travel Design
Turn your fantasies into reality by hiring our customized travel designing service. For those seeking once in a lifetime extraordinary destinations and activities, let us direct you to the best places to eat, love and sleep. Your way, your rules and dREAMSCAPE luxury travel network.

Arrange by appointment only with the dREAMSCAPE team of travel designers: 

Luxury Travel Retail
Our online travel retail shop is designed for the luxury and experienced travellers who enjoy vacationing in private or co-sharing in a small group with like-minded travellers, but are limited in time and ideas. Travel the world with our pre-designed travel packages that can be booked at any time, for any occasion, for any number of people, with everything pre-arranged to give you the best value.

Browse our pre-designed travel journeys at:

Concierge Service
When you book your travel with dREAMSCAPE, you are automatically eligible  to access the by-invitation-only exclusive world of dREAMSCAPE Concierge. Let our network team assist to move you up the waiting list for to difficult to access restaurant reservations, and trade off your points with  entertainment or theatre tickets. Perhaps limited edition and difficult to access premium drinks are your thing. Shop in key destinations by carrying our VIP discount voucher with exclusive services. Whatever your preferences are, enjoy an exclusive menu of benefits being part of our network. Travel in style with dREAMSCAPE.

Log on to the world of dREAMSCAPE Concierge:

Luxury Travel Magazine
A one of its kind travel magazine especially designed by experienced luxury travellers for luxury travellers. Explore the world’s most aspirational destinations in style, seeking out once in a lifetime experiences where money is no object, or experience the delights of your destination like a well-healed local. dREAMSCAPE Luxury Travel magazine is an essential starting point for your vacation planning. We scoured the world for the most innovative, fascinating and enjoyable destinations for the curious traveller in each themed edition. And we're very pleased with the end result. Uncover insider tips, travel reviews and other features to help establish your ideal holiday. Then, talk to our experts by phone, email or chat live online to ensure that every step is planned perfectly.

Read the latest travel trends in our latest edition:

Visa and Travel Documentation
Our visa and travel documentation team work closely with foreign embassies and local immigration authorities to help with all aspects of your journey —including making sure you have the proper documentation required by your destination. Our list of services includes first time passports, passport renewals, second limited passports, passport name changes, passport documentation, passport photos, immigration photos, birth certificates, visa services, international driving license permits, document translations, notary services and police clearance letters. 

Book your first free consultation with dREAMSCAPE’s Visa Director:

Indonesia Inbound Travel Service
dREAMSCAPE proudly presents its sister brand, Discover Indonesia - an inbound travel company. International luxury travel agents can now expect their VIP clients to be serviced at a premium level by our team when travelling to Indonesia. Most importantly, Discover Indonesia's unique position is to focus on offering authentic travel experiences that are difficult for independent travellers to arrange themselves.  

Browse our recommended ideas and routes when travelling to Indonesia:

Luxury Travel Training Centre
The first of its kind in Asia, the dREAMSCAPE Luxury Travel Academy is a training centre dedicated to recruit and produce professional consultants. We offer training sessions for all new and existing consultants to be market leaders in the luxury travel industry. Our goal is for consultants to be confident and knowledgeable to meet the expectations and desires of our luxury travel clients, and able to provide them with the best possible service. Training sessions take place over several weeks at dREAMSCAPE’s Jakarta office. Consultants will take an exam at the end of the course and, on successful completion, will receive a certificate of compliance and can become dREAMSCAPE’s sales representation
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